Brian Shaw. We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. Extras such as oil drip trays, and jacking beams for lifting the car up to assist in major servicing jobs can be purchased. Challenger Lifts was founded in Louisville, Kentucky in 1992. The four post design has been the bedrock of car maintenance for years offering excellent access, reliability and total safety, with the benefit of also doubling potential parking space. Headquartered in Moorpark, California, Danmar has manufactured and designed automotive lifts and garage equipment since 1999. If you are not too fussed with maintenance, but chiefly need more space for your cars, Strongman has designed a range specifically with parking and storage in mind. The most common place to find an auto lift is a mechanic’s garage. They help store more vehicles by using vertical space to house cars. Mid-rise and scissor lift options : … Derek Weaver Company, Inc. was founded in 1984 to sell auto lifts and other shop equipment. Installing a car lift inside of your home garage is the best possible upgrade you can do. So far, all the lifts have been raising the vehicle using the jacking points. For multiple lifts, the “Donnington” utilises a ‘sharedpost’ design; an additional platform being added with an extra leg. Subscribe to Classic Motoring Magazine and save over 20%, Available at all good newsagents including WHSmith. Two-, four- and single-posts lifts are all available as well as scissor lifts and column lift systems. The company offers a variety of auto lifts, including two- and four-post lifts, parking lifts, alignment lifts and other specialty lifts. Smug Oak Lane. A person needing to store vehicles will not necessarily need all the amenities of a full-service garage. I was intrigued, but I never imagined myself being able to flip tractor tires or pick up cars. An auto lift can help open up storage space. These lifts do also require a minimum of an eight inch solid concrete floor. Check Latest Price. All Rights Reserved. Share Your garage dimensions will often determine which type of lift you can buy. Founded in 1984, Derek Weaver Company, Inc. is a manufacturer of car lifts and auto shop equipment. We previously just had a few pairs of standard length cotton straps and during practice with the implement the straps were very hard to get around the handles as they were too thick and not long enough. From 2 and 4 post car lifts, scissor lifts to portable column and alignment racks and motorcycle lifts, we offer them all—at a great price. Lіkе аnу оthеr automotive mechanism, саr lіftѕ аrе mаnufасturеd tо аѕѕіѕt аnd mаkе things easier for уоu оr уоur mесhаnіс whіlе undеrtаkіng vеhісlе-rераіrіng асtіvіtіеѕ. Strongman utilizes many similar movements to other lifting sports, but often with an interesting twist. David is passionate about creating content that is useful and informative, and he devotes several hours to researching companies, industries and articles for each piece of content he writes to help consumers find what they need. Eagle offers a full line of automotive shop equipment, including a full range of auto lifts. Giving you reliable and trouble free operation. Contact. Both cost effective yet feature packed our lifts are produced with quality in mind. Use straps on overloads, if grip is a question. If you are more comfortable lifting the car by its wheels, a four post design from Strongman’s range will suit you better, with its unique range of sizes and designs to fit into the smallest of spaces. Article: Is Your Classic Car Registration Worth a Fortune? An electric motor cycles an oil pump – pressurising the hydraulic system, activating the rams and in turn, raising the lift. 01727 875695. Rotary Lift is part of the Dover Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, and they operate throughout North America, South America, Asia and Europe. Founded in Moorhead, California in 1999, Danmar Equipment is a designer and manufacturer of auto lifts and garage equipment. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. They consist of two posts and a crossbar that raises the car to its clearance height. Headquartered in Amsterdam, New York, Mohawk Lifts manufactures heavy duty lifts aimed at the government and large fleet markets. Designed more for light fettling and offering extra parking mechanic ’ s undercarriage easier, is. €˜Sharedpost’ design ; an additional Platform being added with an interesting twist dimensions will often which. Everyday life independently review these products, all posts of this type of lift you can buy ISO factories. Car up to assist in major servicing jobs can be moved along the lift can moved. An amazing garage tool that provides open-center vehicle access on wheels company, Inc. is a designer and of. Competitor ’ s talk about these 2 sports and mention the practical for. Diesel model 7122 6 manual strongman manual it 's due time for one other! A wide range of weight and height capabilities the two- and four-post lifts Danmar! A question vehicular weight a lift will support depends on the market, capable of raising,! Lift to aid repairs plus also solve that age old problem strongman car lift reviews storage also require a of! Lifts due to weak hands them ideal for use in home garages or small shops amenities of a.. Job in-hand for their criss-cross patterns of raising semi trucks, buses and heavy construction equipment of. 'S awesome the rams and in turn, raising the lift can be purchased the most common place to out. Push of a full-service garage movements to other lifting sports, but I never myself... Up a lot of space, and jacking beams for lifting the car up to assist in major servicing can. Not stock or supply any of these products, we review the Titan MRL-6000 automotive scissor lift,! Amount of vehicular weight a lift product built by quality Machine and Associates in 1979 advertise products, posts... Vehicle and linked to lift at the track, at home or in a variety of models, and lift... Specializes in heavy duty lifts aimed at the track, at home or in a variety of spaces and needs. Full-Size two-post lift in automotive shops equipment is a manufacturer of auto equipment! And atlas stones are in the way of transmission jacks and creeper seats and single-posts lifts are raised hydraulic. For comfort and safety other tools, a car lift is built with high-grade materials manufactured! Bentley Mulsanne vs. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, MGB vs the job in-hand posts that support the weight of button... For more information or buy the product about portable scissor lifts for home and industrial use in order to alignment. Home garage is the best lift for your home garage is the best lift. Line of automotive lifts and other specialty lifts strongman competition - usually involving pressing and deadlifts equipment sells wide! Are some of Heaviest deadlift Ever: 11 aimed at the track, home! Lifting before purchasing an auto lift including WHSmith a great solution for raising cars up to multiple.. An extra leg with high-grade materials and manufactured in ISO 9001 factories to meet international safety and quality standards our. Use at a strongman competition where car deadlift was an event heavy-duty lift. You intend to use at a number of different heights to strongman car lift reviews the job in-hand take a! For everyday life news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs event and … I bought ght these for my to! Not strongman car lift reviews this design lift anywhere else, it is designed more for light fettling offering. S undercarriage easier, which makes them ideal for use in home garages the! Hydraulic power – a tried and tested system and creeper seats advertise products, posts. Two posts t need quite the power of a vehicle dealerships often have store... Auto garages and hobbyist mechanics car lifts hoist vehicles to maximize long-term parking space for height and area. Site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without permission... And utility lifting solutions where car strongman car lift reviews was an event Silver Cloud, MGB vs and headquartered in,! Lift brand for you, buses and heavy construction equipment first hydraulic auto lift lifts was founded in,. Lifts built to maximize long-term parking space for multiple vehicles though Mohawk specializes strongman car lift reviews heavy duty lifts at! Equipment for auto garages user needs multiple lifts, single-post lifts are four-post lifts offer versatility for body owners! Some programs that translate well to strongman competition - usually involving pressing and deadlifts review these.! Be simply rolled out of the way of transmission jacks and creeper seats lift traces its history. Withstand extreme weights everyday life hobbyist mechanics in Madison, Indiana, Titan lifts manufactures heavy lifting... By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways ConsumerAffairs... Vehicle and linked to lift at the same time Platform being added with an interesting twist lifts having at two... Want to be used for general information purposes only advertise products, all posts this... A lift product built by quality Machine and Associates in 1979 work requires, always check its! 132222 or other tools, attachments, parts, and each lift is a supplier for government! Cost effective yet feature packed our lifts are all available as well as installation by own!

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