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We wish to help you get your message across, to your loved ones, through music
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We wish to help you get your message across, to your loved ones, through music

Just Suddenly

We wish to help you get your message across, to your loved ones, through music


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(Female Vocalist)


It Breaks My Heart To Break Yours Too

About the Song

I liked this girl a few years ago. And by some insane luck, I got the chance to see her every day. One fine day I asked her out. She wasn't sure and kept declining for various reasons. After my third attempt, she replied to my email and said 'It Breaks My Heart To Break Yours'. The lines she wrote in that email became the foundation of my song.

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I wrote this song as a conversation between 2 people. And now that the song is almost complete it's time for the next step. I'm looking for a Female Vocalist who can sing the female lines in the song. Auditions will be open for the next 3 months so that you have enough time to train and are prepared to give your best. As soon as you are confident you are ready for the Auditions, let me know and we'll set a date that is convenient for both of us.

Audition Details

Here are some of the Audition details you need to keep in mind:

1. The song's scale is B Major or G# Minor.
2. Auditions will commence during the day and carry through in the following 3 steps:
3. Step 1: Two or Three live takes where I expect you to sing the full song in one go on the instrumental track provided (30 mins).
4. Step 2: Two or Three live takes with me playing the guitar (30 mins). I need to see how well you can perform the song live so that we can perform at venues when the time comes.
5. Step 3: A few individual lines from the Verse, Chorus, and Drop with the Condenser Microphone (30 mins).
6. I'll record videos of your audition and might use them for promotional purposes.
7. I expect you to sing on tempo. The song's tempo is 94.
8. I expect you to have good control over your pitching.
9. I prefer a Neutral English Accent. A little bit of an Indian Accent would not be an issue.
10. Keep your pronunciation, clarity, and plosives in check without losing the neutral accent.
11. This is an Original Song and you are welcome to sing the lines in your own style, but I get the final say. I choose the final tunes based on my preferences.
12. You are welcome to make suggestions and additions and bring your creative ideas to improve the song.
13. The Scale of the Song cannot be changed at this point as the Guitar Recordings have been completed.
14. Please make sure you are well-rested and have the stamina to sing for approximately 90 minutes. You'll get breaks to rest as I set the equipment and cameras.
15. If you are classically trained and can add a classical charm to the song, I would love to hear how it sounds.
16. This is a heartbreak song, so I want you to get me the emotion of pain, grief, and sadness through your lines. How would you break someone's heart cause someone else broke your heart first, cause you were still grieving?
17. I'll finalize 1 Vocalist to do the song's studio recordings and shortlist 2 Backup Vocalists in case my 1st preference isn't able to finish the song as per my expectation. The chance to sing the song automatically goes to the next preferred Vocalist.

Recording Session Rules

Here are some of the Recording Session Rules to keep in mind. Once you are finalized as the Vocalist for my song, we'll set a date that is convenient for both of us and begin recordings.

1. Recordings will take place at my Home Studio between 12 am to 6 am. (Because the Condenser Microphone is too sensitive during the day and my home studio is not completely soundproof. You are allowed to bring a guardian or a friend, since recordings will take place at night.)
2. I will expect you to provide 40 takes for each line, so that we get at least 1 good take for each word. This is a technique called Vocal Comping.
3. The song has 26 lines and it might take 4-8 separate days depending on your vocal stamina and pitch control.
4. Wear light clothes cause it might get hot during recordings as I switch the fan off and close all the windows to eliminate unnecessary sound.
5. I haven't finalized the harmonies and backing vocals yet, so I'll let you know about them at a later time.
6. We might have to do 1 revision session if the first set of recordings does not get a pristine output even after auto-tuning.

If you are comfortable with the Audition and Recording process mentioned above and would like to hear the full song, Sign Up below and I will email you the private links to the song on YouTube.

If you're not interested in Auditions, but would still like to hear an Unreleased WIP version of the Song, just go to the Home Page and Sign Up with your Email. I share my Unreleased Songs along with other Just Suddenly activities and Updates over Email from time to time.

Extremely excited about finding that one person who'd help me paint the perfect story through my song.


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